How to install Eclipse on Windows 10 for Java and Scala | Download | Installation| Plugins

Eclipse installation on Windows 10 for Java developers and Scala

Step 1: First, we need to check Java & JDK on Windows 10 using below command in command line

java -version
javac -version

Step 2: Download the Eclipse from eclipse official website:

Step 3: Get Eclipse IDE 2019 – 12 –> Click on Download 64 bit. In case first do you want to Download packages, click on Download packages then choose which Eclipse IDE needs to install

Step 4: Download eclipse install win 64 bit .exe file. After that click on Eclipse win 64 bit .exe file.

Step 5: We will get Eclipse installer, it showing different IDE’s like below

    • Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
    • Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers
    • Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
    • Eclipse IDE for JavaScript and Web Developers
    • Eclipse IDE for PHP Developers

Choose Eclipse IDE for Java Developers then click on “INSTALL”. Here we need choose Java and JRE version and Installation folder for our convenient.

Eclipse Installation


Artifacts downloading from different repositories for complete installation at this time.

Step 6: In this step it will ask the “Licence Confirmation”. Click on “Accept” button and proceed with next steps.

Step 7: After that it may be asked the certificates like Eclipse Foundation certificates, CA certificates, etc. Then click on “Accept selected” button.

Step 8: In this step successfully completed of Eclipse Installation on Windows 10 operating system.

Step 9: Click on “Launch” button for launch the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

Launch Eclipse

Step 10: Choose the directory as work space and Launch it.

Install Scala Plugin to Eclipse IDEĀ  on Windows 10

Step 1: Launch Eclipse IDE then go to “Help”

Step 2: Then choose “Eclipse Market Place” like below snapshot.

Step 3: Find ” Scala” pligings in the search box then choose “Scala IDE”

Step 4: Click on “Install” button then choose some of the features for Scala

Step 5: Review Licence for Eclipse, Scala and Apache. Click on “Accept theĀ  terms and conditions”

Step 6: “Restart Eclipse IDE to apply the software update” –> “Restart Now”