Top 10 Technologies to learn in 2020 in IT | AI | 5G | CC | NLP|Blockchain| IOT | QC | RPA | BigData |DevOps

1.Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

Today world adoption in various fields for example travel and navigation, data security, gaming, healthcare and many more Artifical Intelligence can be used. Now becomes AI and robotic will come together to create functionalities of robots using AI. An AI-driven application that allows machines to recognize to your face to complete transactions.

In travel and navigation to provide the most optimal landmark in Google Maps and Gamin also use Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning. And one more example is self-driving cars. Robots that are getting smartcard and different types of interactions by using AI & ML.

Majorly Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, DELLare some of the important companies hiring for AI

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In 2020 5G technology will be taken over by the fastest internet connection that we have seen till now the fifth generation after 4G (4th Generation).5G is going to be 50 times faster than 4G. 5G is expected to improve more bandwidth, capacity, and reliability as compared to 4G. Basically 5G is used in smart citiesĀ 

For most of the companies hiring like Verizon. AT& T, T – mobile, Reliance Jio, China mobile, NOKIA, Qualcomm, SAMSUNG, etc and most based US companies they hiring more.

3.CloudComputing :

Cloud Computing(CC) is one of the most learning technology in the world. It uses network remote servers without the data center as the organization with Cloud vendor. CloudComputing also helps in reducing setup costs as well as maintenance is very simple to customers. For the infrastructure, side to move into the Cloud. Mostly Cloud computing is used for store, manage and process data in the Cloud. To provide the digital infrastructure for smart cities with secured data and easy to manage because the Cloud is centralized.

In Cloud Computing top companies are hiring like Google, Amazon, JPMC, IBM, Oracle, etc.

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Natural Language Processing with Voice Technology is the relation between voice and technology were we used to make calls using our mobile devices. For example, Google assistant Alexa using NLP computers will be able to understand humans to interact with machines in a spoken manner.


Blockchain is mostly used in the Financially services industry and Business. Blockchain is a list of records called blocks that are linked together using cryptography. It is used to facilitate the transaction of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Currently, so many industries are already working on blockchain to provide a secure underlying infrastructure to many aspects of our digital market.

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Internet Of Technologies has become the most popular strong technology framework of cloud computing. IoT is the interconnection of computing devices mechanical and digital machine objects are expanding itself in different areas. In different domains smart healthcare, smart automation are some of the applications. For example, the city’s transportation and some of the popular development tools which can be used for IoT are Arduino Eclipse and some of the systems can build a career in the Internet Of Things.

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7. Quantum Computing:

Basically quantum computing is the area of study in developing computer technology. It is based on the principles of quantum theory it explains the nature and behavior of energy and matter on the quantum computer operates on the atomic level and allows them to process data at speeds magnificent changeable to classic computers. Currently, these computers are using China and it set up its first commercial quantum networking in the world. Large complex algorithms are solving many areas using condensed matter physics.

Many companies are hiring in this skill like IBM, Google, etc.


Robotic Process Automation as the name suggests RPA refers to using entities that can human actions to automate stuff such as sending or processing. Basically robots to reduce human intervention robotic process automation is evolving trendy technology to deployed RPA software easily. Currently, so many industries are using RPA like manufacturing, retail, analytics, gas, etc.

Currently, hiring companies are like Verizon, DELL, IBM, CTS, etc


Basically BigData is not a technology of any sort but rather a problem in itself. Bigdata means that a huge amount of data can be used to reveal patterns trends insights and associations if data analyzed properly. It can be complex and large datasets that cannot be analyzed using traditional data processing tools and so big data solutions which is Hadoop came into the picture for data storage purpose and processing. Currently, Apache Spark used for large data processing with less complex time.

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DevOps is a set of practices and methodologies that are used to automate processes between software development it came is a solution to keep. It is mostly preferred because of the workflow of software development as smooth as possible in an Agile (accelerated application delivery) model.