Latest PLSQL(Manadatory)Interview Questions for Freshers/Experience

Latest PLSQL interview Questions in Technical round for All.

PLSQL Interview Questions for Freshers/Experience:

1. How can you reduce query execution time in SQL Tunning

2.The major difference between SP and Triggers?

3. Explain about Analytical functions PL/SQL

4. Which one is execution faster? Truncate or Delete?

5. Coming to Anchored declaration explain about %Type and %rowType?

6. Explain about Cursor different attributes?

7. Write a query to select duplicate values from a table?

8.Difference between Rownum and Rowid with example?

9. Can you explain the difference between the implicit cursor and explicit cursor?
10. Write a query to get first 10 records from a table

11. Explain about Table Type variables?

12. Can you explain the difference between Analytical and aggregate functions?