[Solved]NetUtil.py:97 – SSLError: Failed to connect |Hadoop| Cloudera| Ambari

This article will explain how to resolve the Hadoop cluster while installing Cloudera/Hortonwork in the Big Data environment.

I am getting below error while installing Cloudera/Howrtonworks.


Error: NetUtil.py:97 - SSLError : Failed to connect. Please check OpenSSL library versions
Error: NetUtil.py:96 - EOF occurred in violation of the protocol (_ssl.c:618)

Solution 1:

Here is  I am going with the Ambari server to resolve the issue with certifications.

Step 1: Go to Ambari configuration path like below

cd /etc/ambari-agent/conf

Step 2: Then vi the Ambari agent file

vi ambari-agent.ini

Step 3: After that add the below property


After adding the above property it’s working for me. Basically this type of issue is common in the Ambari agent so when I am adding force_https_protocol. Resolved the issue simply. Sometimes this type of issue in Cloudera also so simply adds the security protocol in the Cloudera Manager file.
If you still facing the same issue then you will go with Solution 2.

Solution 2:

Sometimes it may be version compatible issue with Ambari and Java. If you have open JDK 1.7 version then it may cause this type of error. Here is a simple solution to resolve

Step 1: Check the Java  version

java -version

Step 2: If you have open JDK1.7 then try to install JDK 1.8 version then add the below properties in Ambari.properties file.

java.home = /usr/jdk64/jdj1.8.x_xx

Please try to use Java latest version otherwise it will support and some compatible issues in the cluster.

Summary:  In Cloudera/Hortonworks this error is common( SSLError: Failed to connect). First, restart the Ambari agent after that getting the same error and follow the above resolutions in the Hadoop cluster level. Sometimes this type of error may be connection related thing so automatically resolved while restarted the Ambari. Make sure to check the Java version then proceed with the above solution steps. In the Big Data environment Cloudera/Hortonworks provided all services for users/clients.