TCS Hadoop Admin interview questions and answer for experienced | Big Data | Hadoop

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In this article, I will share my Hadoop Admin interview questions with TCS for experienced professionals in Big Data.

TCS Hadoop Admin interview questions and answers for experienced.

Technical Round – 1

1. Explain you’re IT career and experience on the Hadoop admin side.?

I have explained my IT career, Hadoop admin experience, and projects with roles and responsibilities.

2. How much you will give rate for Linux end out of 10. I gave 7 out of 10.

I have choose 7/10 then they asked Linux-based interview questions.

Linux Interview questions:

1. What is the use of uname -a command?

2. How to find out user passwords in Linux?

3. How to check CPU utilization through Linux command?

4. Do you know how to check ports are working or not?

5. What is LVM in you’re a machine? how to add into the cluster?

Hadoop related questions:

6. How to check memory utilization on you’re cluster?

7. How to list out all files in HDFS and size?

5. How to add memory for new users?

6. Explain the Namenode High Availability concept? why we need ZKFC (Zookeeper Fail Over Controller)

7. What is a Quorum node? explain how it works?

I had given 90% correct answers after that they conducted a second technical interview round with the architect

Technical Round – 2

1. What is speculative execution?

2. Scenario based question:

We have 40 Azure nodes, each node 2 TB and 128 GB RAM explain how to plan for a production cluster. Explain each and every step?

3. Explain Kerberos, SASL mechanisms in the Cloudera cluster?

4. Difference between Ranger and Sentry in Cloudera?

5. Please elaborate Spark architecture? difference between Spark Client mode and Spark Cluster mode?

6. How do we generate Kerberoized keys in the secured Hadoop cluster?

8. What is the Remote mode of Metastore in Hive? explain why we need Hive Metastore?

9. Do you have any idea about Automation tools? if yes, please explain to me?

The above interview questions are asked by TCS technical panel. These are all in-depth concepts in the Hadoop Admin profile.