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The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has caused so many jobs got effected.

Some of the industries have seen an increased demand for excellent talent techies, with medical technology, telecommunications, and Cloud.

Here are some of the skills employers will need to improve for the IT market after COVID -19.

Top 4 Technology skills:

1. Cloud :

Why Cloud is boom after Covid – 19 pandemic? because there is no physical interaction with client/team so entire market shift to digital solution to get productivity. Everywhere is virtualization to get more productivity work as compared to before Covid -19 situation. Almost 90% employees business to work remotely.  Due to lock down situation, there has been a lot of potential demand for Cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, etc services.

Many services is increasing among for video conferencing, audio related conferencing so in this situation we need to use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Slack, and etc.

Apart from that IT industry is looking into Cloud services for client requirement, Data storage, Data processing on Cloud.

Currently, many Cloud services are more utilization after pandemic situation. Below are the most preferable Cloud Services for IT industry.

I.AWS(Amazon Web Services)

II. Microsoft Azure

III. Google Cloud

IV.IBM Cloud.

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2.Big Data & Analytics:

Big Data & Analytics is one of the best tremendous technology in present market. After Pandemic situation Big Data is most trending in the market because the usage of analytic techniques against very large data sets will increase medical data, data visualization related we need to implement the Data storage, analysis as per customer requirement.

For large data processing need to use Spark or other frameworks for high level  data processing. Actually, we will implement unstructured large volume of data after Covid-19

3.Data Science:

According to some surveys,  the data science jobs have been relatively less affected than others. After Covid – 19 pandemic situation, Data Science jobs are most of the cases has emerged as remote work  boosting for the employees. We need to  learn Python, R languages for Data Scientist  with various tools.  The pandemic is no longer about remote working alone, but also the significance of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud computing and web applications being a major turning point in the lives of people.

4.Cyber Security:

Cyber Security is one of the best technology for present IT market.
Today’s world online transactions increased day by day and scams, fraud, misinformation ramsonware, etc. The COVID – 19 pandemic constitute the risk of increased cyber attacks including global health, economics, social systems in the digital space.

Present IT market looks into Cyber Security professionals, everything in digital transactions, virtualization so we need to security for everywhere after Corona Pandemic.

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  1. Covid can get a boom in the IT industry. Big data can participate with a bigger role.

    Nice article

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