Unable to connect Hive server in the Hadoop Cluster

I am getting Nexus Query Chameleon error while connecting the Hive server in the Hadoop cluster. In the MapR/Cloudera distributions we got this type of error in the Database connections. Apart from the Hive server2, we are using the Beeline server used by  Hive server2 because it supports  Beeline only. In the Beeline, commands seem like Hive commands for the Datawarehouse system. In the Beeline, output has different types of output from the input format.

Error: Unable to connect Hive server

Error: Error [ HY 000] [MAPR] [Driver Supports]  (1110) unexpected response received from the server please ensure the server that and part specified for the connection is correct and confirm. If SSL should be enabled for the connection.


1. First, we will check the Hive server 2 port number using the Telnet command.
telnet localhost [port number]
After that, it showing connection-related information like below
Telnet connect to address Connection refused
If you will get above error in the edge node in the Hadoop cluster then connect to the Beeline server.
2. How to connect the Beeline server using below command:

ad account > beeline
Beeline connected by Apache Hive

3. We will get Beeline CLI mode like the below step.
4. Through beeline, CLI to check to hive server connection using below command:

beeline >! connect JDBC: hive 2:// hive server hostname: port / default

Error: Could not open client transport with JDBC connection related error. This error related to connection refused in the JDBC while connecting Nexus Query Chameleon with the Hive server.
5. After that stop, the Hive server then starts the Hive server.

6. Try to open the Hive server in the edge node using “hive”.

Summary: This type of issues are we find in the MapR /Cloudera distributions while connecting the Hive server via Nexus Query Chameleon. Here we provided the resolutions for this error. Finally, we got the output perfectly.

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