Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is a processing of moving data or  completely deploying an organization’s assets into cloud environment.

Now a days cloud adaption growth is ultimately, migrating to cloud is one of the major business in cloud market.

Some basic steps involved in Cloud Migration:

1.Migration and business planning:

In existing applications, data and architecture etc are considered

It can be planned to suitable tools in the market for easy to work.

Example : AWS application services, Cloud Physics

2.Server & DB migration

In smaller applications are order of design and validations process

After getting information migration process can be accelerated .

Example AWS server and DB migration

3. Dependencies and migration strategies:

some applications are dependencies and type of certain migration strategies .

Example : S3 transfer acceleration

4. Cloud based operations:

Normally cloud based operations after migration can be resumed.

Example : Cloud Watch

Cloud migration strategies are majorly:

1.Re – platform

For example : Migrate from WebLogic  server to an open source platform Apache Tomcat running on a Virtual machines .

In cloud mostly used AWS Elastic Beanstalk

2.Re – factor

In re – factor, applications are re – developed. It needs to good architecture with target platform for performance, scaling etc.


In this approach the infrastructure configuration of the application will re – deployed into new host environment.



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