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About Interview Questions and Answers:

In this page, we will post below trending technology related interview Questions and Answers for IT professionals and students
The major technologies like:

1.Artificial Intelligence

2.Big Data

3. Hadoop


5. Python



8.Cloud Computing

9.Machine Learning


In the future, we will add more technologies related interview questions and answers as per the experienced persons’ discussion.

  • Currently, we provided the Hadoop Developer and Hadoop Admin interview questions and answers for professionals.
  • Posted Latest Top 100 Spark interview questions and answers.
  • We will keep post trending technologies interview questions along with answers.
  • Here Scala and Spark interview questions are interlinked for developers.
  • Coming to the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, etc. We will keep you post the questions and answers based on the interview experience.
  • Then Cloud Computing interview questions for Amazon Web Services, CI/CD tools, Azure, Bamboo, Chef, ANT and, etc developers and admin related interview questions and answers.

In this page, we collected interview questions from those who attempt the interview before and take those questions and give exact answers for users.

And collected some of the questions from the company interviewer directly, my personal experience also, we updated each and every question and answer for professionals an students in the time of the interview.

Summary: On this page, we updated technologies like AI, Big Data, and etc. related interview questions and answers from our website. We provide exact answers as per the interview experienced person experience. In case any mistakes while posting questions and answers please comment, we will analyze and update that related information.