WhatsApp New Features in 2019: Latest

The Facebook-owned the instant(WhatsApp) messenger app has already launched specific features for Andriod and iPhone users both in the present market.

WhatsApp Messenger is introducing new features in 2019 like below features:

1.WhatsApp Dark Mode feature:

WhatsApp is working on Dark Mode, is disabled by default at present in Andriod but spotted in varied beta versions. It looks at how the black color scheme will look in the “Profile Section” Settings and Status bar. Once it has been completed the feature has been enabled.

2.WhatsApp FingerPrint Feature for Andriod:

In WhatsApp, Andriod beta version released the fingerprint feature and including two-factor authentication. Facebook and WhatsApp have been working on bringing this feature. At present disabled by default
This feature should be enabled in Settings > Account>Privacy>Use Fingerprint to unlock.

3.Group Video Call:

WhatsApp another amazing feature is Group Video call with all the members of a group. This feature is already been rolling out to some of the users in the WhatsApp group.

4.WhatsApp Privacy Settings for Group Invites:

WhatsApp is working on new WhatsApp Privacy Settings for Group invites. This feature is helpful to prevent Fake news and Spam group invites.

This feature is should be enabled in WhatsApp >Settings > Account>Privacy>Groups.

4.WhatsApp Forwarding info enabled:

WhatsApp is processing on the new forwarding info enabled the feature for WhatsApp beta version. How many times a message has been forwarded to multiple users.

5.Consecutive Voice Messages:

This is a new feature of WhatsApp android beta version. A new feature called Consecutive Voice Messages is auto-playing of one or more voice messages sent one after the other.

6.3D touch actions for Whatsapp status:

This is one of the best features of WhatsApp 3D touch actions support to a contact’s status. This feature may be hide who ever seen to your status in WhatsApp.
Summary: WhatsApp is an instant messenger end-end to encrypting with a secured application. Above features are mostly updated and will come soon for WhatsApp users.

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