Why Python is Magnificent Growth in Programming Language

Now a days Python is the magnificent growing major programming language. According to Stack OVerflow which has already achieved significant by many people, is a incredible growing in programming language because below information tagged into Python.

The latest reports that Python showed a 456 – percent growth in last year. Coming to business analysis IBM uses Python and Netflix uses Python and some of more companies are uses Python.

Python is considered for deployment automation and web development mostly. And a number of reasons are there driving the popularity in programming language.

1) Simplicity:

Python is a simple language to learn and developing. Python code is simple to understandable and Object Oriented Programming is supported.

2)  Future Scope:

Python is dominating the future technologies that are rely on Python. Like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big data analytics and Networking. In Python have different frameworks, libraries and variety of tools are in below for AI:

I) Machine Learning – MDP Toolkit, PyML, PyBrain, GraphLap Create

II) Natural Language : Quepy, NLTK

III) Neural Networks : PyAnn, neurolab.

And some are related to Big Data analytics :




IV)GraphLab Create etc.

In Networking :

I) Ansible



3) Versatility :

Python supports multiple systems and platforms for variety of purpose from web development to digital systems operations. It is mostly uses create video games in unlimited application

4) Web Assets:

Python provide customization of web assets easy and efficient code. In web development  one of the best framework is Django. It is a several powerful GUI framework in Python for code re-usability .

Conclusion :

Above reasons will not be an preferable  to assume that the popularity of Python will only grow in upcoming years.



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