[Solved] How to check data usage in Windows 10 | Data | Windows 10

In this article, we will explain how to check total data usage in the Windows 10 operating system with pictures.

Check total data usage in the Windows 10:

Here we provided simple steps to find out the total data usage in Windows OS.

Solution 1:

Step 1 : Go to “Wi-Fi” icon in the bottom of the task bar
Step 2: After that right click on that icon will get snapshot like below:

Step 3: Then click on “Open Network & Internet settings” will get like below snapshot.

The above screenshot showing total data usage 6.43 GB

If you want more details then click on “data usage” it will showing more info.

Solution 2:

Step 1: Click on “Windows” icon then search “settings”

Step 2: We will get settings dashboard.

Step 3:  Then click on “Network & Internet” icon. Once click on that icon will get information like Network status and data information.

In the “Network & Internet” dashboard it showing “show available networks”. To view all connection with you’re Windows.

And coming to “Advanced network settings” :

Here it showing Change adapter options, Network and sharing center and Network troubleshooter (To fix the network problems)

The above resolution is very simple to resolve the data usage in the Windows 10 operating system with steps. In Windows 10 OS is user friendly and well known to world with simple software along with proper configurations. In this settings will get any information about Windows system.