Database Management System(DBMS) Gate Questions for Computer Science | DBMS | CSE

In this article, we will provide scenario based DBMS questions for Computer Science.

Database Management System(DBMS) Gate Questions for Computer Science:

1. What SQL type would you use to store customer’s surname in a relational database?Why did you choose that type?

2.Draw an ER diagram for the following data need. Ensure you consider the types, keys, and constraints.

A database is needed for an online movie review site. Each movie is reviewed by a reviewer. The review contains the text of the review, and a star rating between 1 and 5(only whole numbers). Each reviewer has a unique per name. The system also need to know which city the are based in. Only basic information is kept about movies: the title and year of release. Titles are not unique.

A movie can be reviewed multiple times and reviewers will review several films.

3. Consider the following relational schema

Movie (id, title, relaseYear)

Actor(name, DOB)

MovieCast(movieID, actor, role)

movieId is a foreign key referencing

actor is a foreign key referencing

Write SQL queries to :

(I) Return a list of actors, roles, and film names for films released in 2019

(II) Find how many films of each certificate category have been released. Return the most frequent categories first

(III) List the years where more than 50 films have been released.

4.Assign the appropriate term from the list below to each item, and put the list in order (Starting from data).

Terms: Wisdom, Data Knowledge, Info


a green traffic light means I can go

the traffic lights are green


making decision to go

(b) What is SQL injection and how can it be prevented?

(c) Explain impedance mismatch and what solutions are available.

(d) What is Map algebra? Give an example if how it might be used

(e) What is metadata, why is it important? Give an example?

(f) Explain the Modifiable Are Unit Problem(MAUP) and its impact.

(g) What are limitations of a relational database management systems

(h) Explain what NoSQL means, and which type of NoSQL database Redis, MongoDB and Neo4J is, with an example of how each is used