How to Remove(Uninstall) WebDiscover Browser on Windows[Virus Malware] with Pictures

What is WebDiscover Browser in Windows?

It is one of unwanted browser to provide bundled with other software like facebook, youtube, etc. It is automatically downloaded from the internet. It is customized google chromium-browser and changes the search engine automatically. Some of the operating systems in Windows 7 it showing in on top of the desktop window like below image:
Picture 1:

How to Remove WebDiscover Browser

Here is step by step processing to uninstall of WebDiscover browser with pictures.
Step 1: Open “Control Panel” in your operating system whether it is Window 7 or Windows 10. I am going with Windows 10.

Step 2: After opening Control Panel then go to  Programs option then select the  Uninstall a program for web discover remove it.

Step 3: Then select the WebDiscover Browser and Right-click on that. Uninstall the software simply.

Step 4: After uninstalling completion then go with LocalDisk(c) program files then delete that folder. If that folder is not deleted completely then restart the system again delete the folder.

Step 5: If you have Antivirus software are there then scan the entire system.

When the WebDicover Browser installed automatically on Windows operating system some common changes in your machine. Mostly changing the web browsers homepage to WebDiscover Homepage like picture 1 and change search engine also. New tab functionality to launch the modified search portal increase the loads into the Mozilla add – ons or chrome extension.

Summary: WebDiscover Browser one of the browser to search for something. But it is default applications are there without human interaction. So will uninstall the browser with simple steps from windows operating system.