How to Install Kafka on Ubuntu/Linux in Hadoop

Apache Kafka is an open-source stream-processing software application developed by Apache Foundation. Here simple steps for Installation in Ubuntu\Linux operating system on Hadoop Ecosystem

Step 1: First step Download the Kafka tarball from Apache Mirrors from apache official website

Place If we need a specific Hadoop directory to create and copy the Kafka tarball into that directory.

Step 2: After download, the Kafka tarball Extract the tarball using the below command:

tar -xzvf kafka_2.10-

After extracting Apache Kafka you got Kafka Folder(Directory) including lib files and configuration files.

Step 3: After extraction Kafka tarball we see Kafka directory 

We will need Apache Kafka to update the Kafka home and path variables in .bashrc file follow below step simply.

Step 4: Update the KAFKA_HOME & PATH variable in bashrc file:

Step 5: After bashrc changes, open a new terminal and check the bashrc changes using ‘ echo $KAFKA_HOME  ‘ command

Apache Kafka’s majorly messaging system like Producers is the process that publishes data into Kafka topics to Consumers with the brokers. The consumer of topics pulls the message off a topic.

After completed of Kafka Installation successfully will go to start and stop Kafka broker using below simple commands


Apache Kafka home directory and execute the command:


How to stop Kafka broker through the below command :