How to Install Ubuntu\Linux on VirtualBox

Virtual Box is an open-source hosted hypervisor for PCs developed Oracle it handles running multiple operating systems simultaneously.

You have Windows operating system but you want to Ubuntu but you don’t need alongside with your windows so first install Virtual box after that will go with Ubuntu iso installation.

How to Install Ubuntu on Virtual Box Simple Steps for beginners

Step 1: Open Virtual Box and Click on New button.

Step 2: Enter your operating System Name dependents upon Ubuntu/Linux or Fedora  your operating system

Step 3: Select your Memory size depends on your machine Hard Disk.


Step 4:  After that Click on Create a Virtual hard disk



Step 5: Choose your option whether your file belongs whether Image file or Disk file


Step 6: Storage on Physical hard disk select Dynamically allocated because some times Fixed size is not comfortable

Step 7: Select File location and Size for per your requirement

Step 8: Right-click on your Ubuntu/Linux image then will go with the start


Step 9: After that start, button click on Normal Start

Step 10: Browse your Ubuntu iso file

Step 11: If you need any changes to press F12 boot device otherwise leave it

Step 13: Loading ISO file

Step 14: Click on Install Ubuntu will go with next steps

Step 15: Check the “Erase disk and Install Ubuntu in Virtual Box.

Step 16: Create a User name and Password

Step 17: After Installation Complete Restart Now 

Step 18: Enter your Password

Step 19: Successfully completed Ubuntu\Linux on Virtual Box

Step 20: If you want to close your Virtual Machine click on Power off the machine

In this video explain how to install Ubuntu alongside Windows on Virtual Box simple steps :

Virtual Box is nowadays more popular because it is open-source software and installed many hosts depends upon your machine and it uses without any risk and incredibly reliable and runs it simply.