Different types of Real-time Kafka admin interview questions and answers | Kafka | Interview questions and Answers

In this article we will explain how recently asked Kafka Admin interview question with Answers.

Real-time Kafka admin interview Questions and Answers:

1. What is Kafka?

Kafka is one of the distributed publisher-subscriber system. In this hyper link provided all the Kafka information.

2. What is ISR? is it same for all topics?

An In-Sync Replica set for a topic partition contains all follower replicas that are caught-up with the leader partition.
Yes, it is same for all topics and here all the replicas of a partition that re “in-sync” with the leader.

3.Why do we need Zookeeper while installing Kafka service.

Basically, Zookeeper is mandatory for running Kafka because it track status of Kafka cluster nodes and keeps track of Kafka topics, partitions as well.

In case Kafka broker goes down/topics, Zookeeper keeps every Kafka broker updated the state of the Kafka cluster with proper status.

4.How to setup Confluent Kafka, please provide steps?

A. First, download Confluent Kafka Platform tarball or zip file from Confluent official page.

Extract the tarball, you should have the bin and etc directories

C. Set the environment variable like below

export CONLFULENT_HOME = <confluent path>

5.Any idea about quorum nodes and explain how it works?

Basically quorum nodes like zookeeper, a leader election requires a simple majority of ZK leader. It refers to the minimum number of nodes that must agree on a transaction before it is examine in ZK node.

7. Explain confluent Kafka connectors & different types of connectors?

Generally, Kafka connect is a  tool. It is a flexible, strong and secure data streaming between Kafka and other data systems.

Simply tell like standalone mode and distributed mode.

The above Kafka admin interview questions and answers are very basic for experienced or freshers. I will post another one, it includes in-depth interview questions and real-time interview questions and answers.