Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the science of making machines to do things that would require intelligence of done by men – Marvin Minsky

Artificial Intelligence Aspects:

Artificial Intelligence is a Planning, Vision(image recognize), Speech to text – Text to Speech, Robotics, Machine Learning(Deep Learning and Natural Language)

AI Planning :

Planning is a key ability for an intelligent system for flexibility through the construction of a sequence of actions to achieve their goals. And it involves the representation of actions and different types of models and techniques for efficiently searching the space of possible plans.

AI Robotics:

In the early days of AI and Robotics were strongly connected. AI consisted of building complete intelligent robots. The special issue will collect in a single place a set of reports that are innovative and mature inter disciplinary work in the integration of AI and Robotics.

AI Machine Learning :

Machine Learning is a particular approach to artificial intelligence and ML use very little rule-based systems.  Nowadays most of the applications are indeed will use ML, on the other hand, Deep Learning.

AI Natural Language Processing (NLP):

Artificial Intelligence systems can understand, interpret and communicate in human language. For example in NLP like Chat Bot for conversational purpose.

AI Vision :

A machine can see objects around like a human. The technology is used for an application like robot guidance

ex: Google Car

AI Speech Analytics :

It is the ability to process speech or convert written information to speech it means that interactions with machines

Example: SIRI, Google Maps.

What is Learning?

Learning is the Pattern/ relations in the data and learning requires training data on which a system trained.

The system needs training and the system learns from data.

Artificial Intelligence is the new UI :

1. Chatbots help people access the knowledge repositories in natural language.

2. The user experience like talking to another human being.