How to create a Container in Azure? How to download and upload a file from containers Blob | Azure | Big Data

In this article we will explain how to create a container in Microsoft Azure. How to download files from container and how to upload a files to particular containers.

How to create a Container in Azure?

Here two ways to create a container in the Microsoft Azure

1. From Microsoft Azure Blob storage:

Here first, we need to login MS Azure blob storage with credentials, then go to the which environment needs to create blob container.

Step 1 : Here we are choose QA environment (QA lake) and then right click on Blob container

Step 2: Choose the “Create Blob Container” and give the specific container name for that

2. From Azure portal:

In this scenario, we can create container without MS Azure blob storage. We can create through Azure portal

Step 1 : Login Azure portal with project related credentials.

Step 2 : Then choose the environments like production, Dev and Qa  as per request

Step 3 : In this case, I’m going with Qa env, then select it

Step 4 : Check the left side bar, under data storage select the “Containers”

Step 5 : Next, will get the “+ Container” option in the top. Then click on it

Step 6: Give the container name as per user request and then save it.

These two ways are very simple to create a containers in Microsoft Azure.


Why we need to create containers? these containers we can storage the files like Hive related, txt format, daily/monthly or yearly data will store it. Simply said it belongs to small or large data files. We have provided two ways to create containers with snapshots along with steps as well.

If you don’t have Azure blob storage applications then only will go with Azure portal. Because it’s very simple to create containers, upload/download files from there. For porta bit difficulty as per compared to Blob storage for the large data sets.