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BGMI celebrates Christmas with free gifts! See what players are getting BGMI?

BGMI win a new update during Christmas, which is full of new themes and characteristics. Here’s the file of what all BGMI got.

Krafton added a ‘React Survival’ style to BGMI, inspired by Squid Games. (BGMI)
The whole world is celebrating the Christmas feast their technique. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players win their gift from the game developer Krafton. With the new 1.8 updates, BGMI now has a new game style and seasonal events during Christmas. The update is now accessible on Google Play and the App Store. With this update, developers Krafton has launched a number of Christmas-themed in-game and community. Though, the addition of the ‘React Survival’ style is a highlight. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton has smooth decided to reopen six of the most popular game modes. It also covers a number of costume arts as well as the RPM6 weapon skin with a Mythic Winter theme.

BGMI ‘React Survival’ mode: How is it different?
In a recent update, Krafton added a ‘React Survival’ style(mode) to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Gamers can participate in a Squid Game-inspired Red Light and Green Light game by sapping blue tracksuits with different numbers on them. The goal of this game is to make it to the finish order without being discovered by a Giant Rabbit. From the arcade mode, you can connect the ‘React Survival’ style(mode). In addition, gamers can create custom rooms to play covertly with their friends.

What else does BGMI get in the latest update?
Six popular game styles(modes) have also been reintroduced as part of the recent 1.8 updates. The “Metro Royale Mode,” for example, allows players to loot things before the match begins. Players can kill zombies and loot their things in the “Survive Till Dawn Mode.” Besides these, “Virus infection mode” is a human vs zombies-style mode(style), while “Heavy Machine Gun. Finally, selecting one of the three rune fragments operates the “Run Theme Mode,” which provides players with unique abilities.

With the latest update, a new Royale Pass has also been added to the game, which includes several themed weapon skins and costume art. Players can people purchase the Snow Santa Monster put, Snow Santa Monster UAZ, and Frozen Guardian lay for 360 UC which is the in-game money. Meanwhile, BGMI players will be able to law the recent Mythic Winter-themed RPM6 only for a short period of time, between December 20 and January 17 next year.