AWS Elastic Load Balancer | Creating | Configuring | Network

What is AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)?

AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is a service offered by AWS which helps in distributing application traffic over different Amazon EC2 instances. ELB service build virtual load balancers in the AWS cloud to balance the application load. It also offers provisions to monitor the EC2 instances enrolled under the load balancers and redirect traffic healthy instances.

Load Balancer created using ELB:

ELB provides an option to apply different EC2 instances under a load balancer. Single endpoint URL for accessing the application and abstract users from the details of EC2 instance which serves the request.

Configure Elastic Load Balancer:

For configuration of AWS Elastic Load Balancer, We need EC2 instances with the same web application deployed.
Key pairs configured, downloaded and security groups with proper protocols configured.

How to Configure Elastic Load Balancer with Step by Step:

Amazon load balancer should be defined along with the network configuration and perfect listeners, that can listen to HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, etc.

Security settings should be configured by enabling HTTPS or SSL as required. for authentication purposes. Health checks should be enabled to detect the registered manually or Autoscaling group.

Step 1: Log in to the AWS management console to select the Load Balancer from the left side panel of the EC2 dashboard.

Step 2: The load balancer is created inside a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). Hence similar to EC2 instance configuration you can define the firewall rules for ELB using security groups. ELB can automatically perform checks for EC2 instances and thus routes traffic to healthy

Step 3: Select from the list of EC2 instances and associates them to the load balancer and provide network interface details.

Step 4: Tags are user-defined metadata about AWS resources.

Step 5: Once completion of previous steps, a load balancer gets created like below snapshot:

Summary: In this article, we will provide information on the Amazon Load Balancer, first we need to Amazon EC2 then set the subnet mask, then will give security information and how to create with pictures for Cloud Computing/DevOps people.