AWS vs Azure: Which Cloud infrastructure to choose for career growth? | Cloud | AWS | Azure

In this article, we will explain which Cloud infrastructure to choose for career growth either AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Services:

AWS infra is one of the best Cloud based technology for career growth. Currently, IT market & most of the companies choose the AWS for Cloud infra services for storage purpose S3 (Simple Storage Services), EBS ( Amazon Elastic Block Store).  Different types of Deployment Services like Amazon Web Services, Machine instance etc.

It is very simple to learn for new learners or new technology switchers. There is no code language. If learn new technologies in AWS Machine learnings and Artificial Intelligence  things, we can improve technical skills & packages.

In AWS Cloud based technology is the adding a new skill for  to improve hike as per industry.

Microsoft Azure:

Azure is one of the best Cloud technology is a simple to learn and update to our skill set as well. Azure is most Cloud technology easy to gain there is no pain for new learners or freshers.

Here we can use Virtual Private network for Cloud type, it is also easy to learn and update to our skill. Easy to understand incase strong technical in Linux or Redhat technologies.

And moreover for storage purpose we can use Azure Blob storage, Containers etc. Blob storage files system is very simple just upload & download the files. For example HQL, CSV, ORC and .txt files etc. Before upload any file we have must & should sample txt file in the particular directory.


Both AWS & Azure Cloud technologies are very simple to learn and update to our skills.  MNC companies to choose both AWS & Azure. Not only these two Cloud technologies, Google Cloud Platform also good to learn for experienced folks in the present market. Now, everywhere Cloud based applications, technologies. Without coding skills, we can learn Cloud and improve our technical growth as well.