Latest Hadoop Admin interview questions for 3 years experienced in IT

In this article, we will provide latest or update Hadoop admin interview questions along with answers for experienced in Big Data environment.
Here we provided Hadoop admin interview questions after pandemic, everything has been changed for Hadoop Admin profile and interview panel as well.

Latest Hadoop Admin interview questions and Answers:

I have faced latest Hadoop admin interview questions. I will share my experience as well.

1. What technologies are using in current project, explain various tools in you’re project?

I’ve explained my technologies like Big Data along with Cloud. Tools like Talend, Data dog etc.

2.Explain Roles & Responsibilities for current project?

Maintenance¬† and monitor Hadoop cluster, some of the applications. Explain you’re current project roles & daily activities.

3.Any idea on replication? if yes, explain under replica and over replica with examples?

Replication is copy of data from one cluster to another cluster. Under replica means not reached the current replica of the present cluster. Over replica means reached beyond the data in present replica.

4.What is small file issue on Hadoop cluster? how to overcome this type of issue in the cluster level?
5.Scenario : If Hive service goes down, backup services are not working properly. Here backup services like beeline etc. How you will resolve it?

First, need to login edge node and check whether port is working or not with “telnet” command. Then clear some diskspace on this node. Restart Hive service on Amabri web-ui.

6.One job is running slow in one node, I need to run the same job into another node? what is the name of this scenario? explain how it works

This is called speculative execution, then you can explain like I have ran one Hive job on worker node1 t’s running slow after killed that application and re-run application another node. It’s working fine.

7.We will provide 100GB data, please explain how you build Hadoop cluster. Explain capacity planning for this situation?

Explain like how many Master Nodes, Edge Nodes and Data Nodes as per you’re analysis based on daily data.