MapR Vs Cloudera Vs Hortonworks

Bigdata distributions are mostly three familiar in the present market.




Cloudera, HDP (Hadoop Data Platform) are open source and enterprise editions are also available but MapR is a complete enterprise distribution for Apache Hadoop which is designed to improve the Hadoop’s reliability, performance, and ease of use.

                                                      Hortonworks              Cloudera                         MapR


Management Tools                 Ambari                  Cloudera Manager       MapR CS

Volume Support                             No                              No                                  Yes

Heat map, Alarms                         Yes                              Yes                                  Yes

Alerts                                                  Yes                               Yes                                 Yes

REST API                                           Yes                               Yes                                 Yes

High Availability:

Hortonworks  - Single failure recovery
Cloudera     - Single failure recovery
MapR         - Self healing across multiple failures


Hortonworks - Data
Cloudera    - Data
MapR        - Data + Metadata

Disaster Recovery:

Hortonworks - No
Cloudera    - File Copy Scheduling
MapR        -  Monitoring


Hortonworks - Planned downtime
Cloudera    - Rolling Upgrades
MapR        - Rolling Upgrades

Summary:  Nowadays Big data and Analytics are the most emerging technology. Especially Big data distributions are Cloudera, HDP, and MapR. These are some special features and open source and enterprise editions. MapR is used in the Banking and Finance sectors are used mostly. Cloudera is used anywhere with enterprise and open source. Hortonworks is also same like as Cloudera.