How to get list of all users in Hortonworks | Hadoop | Big Data | Cloudera

In this article, we will explain how to check users in Hortonworks in the Hadoop cluster.

How to check list of users Hortonworks by using Ambari:

Step 1: Login Ambari Web -UI with Admin credentials as per your Hortonworks cluster.
Step 2: After that click on admin button then select “Manage Ambari”.

Step 3: In this step left hand side click on “Users” or click on Dashboard “User”.

Step 4: After that click on “Users” then will get below dashboard. Here it showing all users like below users as per your cluster build.

  • Local users
  • LDAP users – Lightweight Directory Access protocol
  • PAM user – Pluggable  Authentication Modules

In this step we will see status of all users, and permissions as well. If you want more information like Roles, View will see all data in this dashboard.

How to check  list of users in Hadoop  using commands:

Here we will see all users using Hadoop commands with root user:

hdfs dfs -ls /user

List of users in Linux distribution using below command:

awk -F':' '{print$1}'/etc/passwd

The above command very simple to get all users in Linux and Hortonworks/Cloudera as well.

In Cloudera distribution:

1.First, we will go to Hue then click on user admin tab in hive/impala tabs
2.check the users in HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File Systems)
3.We will find out user directory in hdfs as well in the Cloudera distributions.

Summary: Basically, this article explore on the list of all users in the Big Data environment in Hadoop clusters like Horotonworks, Cloudera and mapR. Here provided Linux commands for simple to retrieve users data. In Hortonworks simply using Amabri will get all users list. Coming to Cloudera we will go with Hue(web ui) will see all users. Apart from that Linux distributions as well will see list of users using Command line commands for all Hadoop Admins and Developers.