Python Installation on Windows with pictures | Download | Install

Nowadays, Python is an open-source programming langue to implement the different types of android applications, web applications, and etc. Python one of the boom programming language at present IT market. In this article, we will provide how to install Python latest version on Windows operating system with step by step process for Python developers.

Python Installation on Windows:

1. Download Python executable file from the Python official website:

Python Downloads

2. After download, the .exe file then right-clicks on that file “Run as administrator”.

3. Click on “Add Python 3.7 to PATH”. After that, we need to click on “Install Now”. Here default clicks on “Install launcher for all users(recommended)”. If you need any “Customize installation” setup then click on it the setup properly.

4. It will take some time after that will get a window like “Setup was successful”.Once set up was successful then click on the “Close” button.

After complete of Python installation, we need to check Python install or not perfectly on Windows operating system. Click on the “Windows” button then type “Python” will showing Python 3.7 command prompt after that click on it.

Once open the Python 3.7 terminal, it showing Python version like below snapshot. Proceed with your programs on your Python terminal.

Summary: Once successfully completed the above steps it means that Python 3.7.7 executable on Windows installations is done. In case if you are facing any error while installing on Python on Windows try to “Uninstall” and restart the machine. Try to follow the above steps and install it properly. If you want to set up customizable then give your input then proceed, but choose default installation is better as compared to customizable. After completed of Python installations happy to coding in your Windows with Python. In case if you’re facing any issues while installing comment we will give proper guidance for full installations.