Airdrop’s in PUBG|Red zone in PUBG Mobile

Airdrop’s in PUBG:

During the matches in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, you’ll sometimes notice planes with supply drops. These drops contain valuable equipment that cannot be found on the map. This page contains information about this gameplay element.
Few minutes after the match starts (when all the players get on the plane), crates with supplies will begin to fall from the sky. A plane will appear every several dozen seconds and drop the supplies during a random location. When it hits the bottom, you’ll open it and collect useful (and often not available anywhere else) items. Inside the crates, you’ll find:

Weapon:  M249, AWM, Mk14 EBR, Groza and AUG A3;
Gear:  helmets, armor and level 3 backpacks;
Consumable items:  Adrenaline Syringe and Medical Kit;
Weapon modifiers:  4x and 8x scopes, silencers for your assault and sniper rifles;
Ghillie Suit.
Some of these things can only be found in supply drops – M249, AWM, Mk14 EBR, OTs-14 Groza and AUG A3 Groza, scope, and Ghillie Suit.

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that supplies will lure all the nearby players. If you would like to research the location and collect useful items, you ought to remember several important things:

1. the availability crates are well visible (and hearable) for many players on the map. Furthermore, it takes time before the crate actually reaches the bottom, so most of your enemies will surely reach the location. the whole surrounding area turns into a battlefield.

2. concentrate on the space between you and therefore the crate. If you’re nearby and there are not any enemies around, you ought to attempt to get the supplies. a number of them (such as powerful sniper rifles, Ghillie Suit or the 8x scope) can make your life much easier. However, if you’re located distant from the crate, just let it go.

3. If you’re playing alone, you would like to observe your back. However, if you’re a neighborhood of a team, it’s knowing to send one among the players to gather the content, and therefore the rest should cover his/her position.

4. If you’ve got a vehicle, you ought to use it to make a provisional cover which will prevent fire. This way, your character is going to be covered from two directions – by the vehicle and therefore the very crate.

5. During the ultimate stage of the match, when there are only 10-15 players left, it is best to go away these crates alone. you’ll not need the things anymore and moving too on the brink of the location may get you killed.

6. albeit you’re not getting to collect the supplies, it’s worth going near the airdrop area. Surely, a minimum of several players will go there – use this chance to affect them. It’s especially easy once you have a fine assault gun or a precision rifle, and you’ll hide during a safe place.

Some interesting facts about the red zone in PUBG Mobile:

⦁ Once it appears, a player features a few seconds before the zone gets bombarded.
⦁ Red zones don’t move – it’ll not change its position, because the blue one would.
⦁ There can’t be quite one red zone at a time. It can appear in just one place, and once the bombardment is over, a replacement one will appear after several seconds.
⦁ Red zones can appear anywhere, even outside a white zone, and much faraway from any players.
⦁ A single bomb will always kill a personality and may destroy any vehicle.
⦁ A Character inside a building is safe but he cannot stand by a door or look around a window.
⦁ Remaining inside a red zone during the bombardment doesn’t mean instant death. Bombs land randomly, and thus it’s possible to survive the strike. Still, it’s better to stay far away from danger by moving outside of the zone or hiding during a building.