[Resolved] Wi-Fi is not working in my Windows 10 OS | Network | Windows 10

In this article, we will explain how to resolve the Wi-Fi is not working in my personal laptop in Windows 10.

Sometimes Windows operating systems suddenly getting offline due to network issue in the system at the time we are getting like below snapshot.

Error : Network & Internet settings off in Windows 10

Resolution :

Step 1 : Right click on “Internet” symbol icon then click on “Troubleshoot problems”.

After that we will get the dialogue box “Select the network adapter to diagnose” in the screen.
In the below it showing like this
“If you’re not sure, select the last option in the list”

Step 2: Then select the “Wi-Fi” option after that click on “Next” button.

It’s detecting the network problems and resolve automatically.

Here another option is there:

After Step 1 will have another option “All network Adapters ” then click on “Next” button icon.

After that it will automatically resolve the network problems. If it is possible , please restart laptops.

Summary: The above steps are very simple to resolve the network connection issues on Windows 10 operating system. Currently, every computer professionals work from home due to Covid. So many people getting internet or wi-fi connection errors while doing some work. Please follow above steps simply.