Quora : Hacked 100 million users Data

Quora says 100 million users data hit by Security breach. The best knowledge share website data  have stolen by hackers. Related to account information, including encrypted passwords from users. If you open with O-Auth(Open Authentication) like Facebook, Gmail etc. Then data simply hacked by whole information.

Quora were affected by unauthorized access to one of its systems by “Malicious third party” said the company.

Quora co – founder & CEO Adam D’Angelo response that ” We are still investigating the precise causes and in addition to the work being conducted by Security teams and we have also notified law enforcement officials.

What data stolen?

Currently unknown situation, how the breach happened, Quora says obtrusion was only discovered on Friday November 30th, it does know the user data that has been compromised. It includes Usernames, Email addresses, Encrypted passwords, IP addresses, User account settings, collection of data and public actions like questions, answers, comments, votes etc information has been hacked.

What Do Users Need To Do Next?

First step you should signed out from Quora account in Website or App.

You should still reset your password as a matter of course then try to log in.

Second step you should “Change Password” link and enter your current password then enable it.

Password must and should strong like alphanumeric with special characters.