Kafka Admin interview questions and answers for experienced( 3 to 12 Years) | Big Data | Kafka

In this article, we will explain how the interviewer ask the Kafka admin related questions and answer for experienced professionals in the present IT market.

Kafka Admin Interview Questions:

1. What is Kafka? explain Kafka architecture with example?

2. Explain ISR ? in which case scenario ISR useful?

3.What is retention period? what is default retention period? When you will be try for retention period in the Kafka cluster?

4.What happened when Kafka cluster goes down? is there any backup mechanism for that?

5.Explain Kafka data flow in you’re project? how data is managed in you’re project?

6. How to start and stop Kafka brokers on you’re cluster?

7.How to get topic list of topics in the Kafka cluster?

8. Explain the all APIs in Kafka and where do you use?

9.Difference between Kafka Streams and Kafka Connect?

10.Difference between Kafka normal topics and compacted topics?

11. Explain Kafka leader concept in you’re project?

12. Scenario : For example one topic I have changed retention period of topic to 0? what happened?

13. Do you have any idea on Kafka Offset? please explain in which scenario it is useful?

14. Explain the failover controller mechanism in Kafka cluster?

15. How to setup Confluent Kafka with set by step process?

16. Do you have any idea on Kafka Connectors? how to setup from source Kafka cluster to Destination cluster?

17.Could you please explain difference between Apache Kafka and Flume and RabbitMQ?


The above Kafka admin interview questions are asking by interviewers now a days for Kafka professionals with real-time experts.

Summary: I have faced the above Kafka admin interview questions. These are all very simple, tricky and important for high level profile. Basically, Kafka is one of the trending technology for streaming related. At present Top fortune companies are choosing Kafka related projects. Apache Kafka is too fast as compared to other tools for live data streaming.