Top 10 Emerging Technologies in 2021 | IT | Technology | 2021

In this article, we will explain about top 10 emerging technologies in 2021 for freshers/experienced.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies in 2021:

Top 10 Technologies in 2020

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality


4.Intenet Of Things

5.Cyber Security

6.5G Network

7.Cloud Computing

8.RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

9.Big Data and Analytics


The above top 10 technologies are emergency technologies for IT industry.

First, we will go with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Top 7 Technologies in 2019

1. AL & ML:

Basically, Artificial & Machine learning are two emerging words right now. The both terms very frequently for IT industry, these concept of machines being able to carry out large tasks into “smart” way. It refers to the affect of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like human actions and it associated with a human mind such as learning and complex problem solving.

What is AI?

Machine learning is a type of AI that allows software applications to become more precise at predicting outcomes. ML algorithms use large, historical data as input and then convert predict new output.

Present industries are looking into smart output comes from inputs so they were large openings for AI & ML for engineers.

2. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

This era, everyone wants to digital elements to live. VR is a computer – generated simulation of an alternate reality. AR is a perfect combination of the digital world and the physical component to create an artificial environment.

Present world wants to digitalization for humankinds, mostly VR is used  for movies in 3D technology and video games. Apart from VR, AR is used for cricket displayed in the screen, text messages and etc.


Generally Blockchain refers Bitcoin network. It is a specific type of DB and it stores information  in blocks like  a chain. In case a new data comes, it will add into new block. Government sector wants to Blockchain for no more scams.

Present market Bitcoins are more popular, decentralization for transactions are permanently recorded as per user transaction.

Now, IT trends into Blockchain for more openings for freshers and experienced professionals.

4. Internet Of Things:

Basically, IOT defines the network of visible things like embedded with sensors, software and other technologies. These technologies connecting and exchanging data with other devices.

In the world, everywhere sensors, digitalization so IoT is most emerging and faster growth technology in the present market.

Present IT markets wants to these type of technology to world.


Everywhere we need security in bank sectors, financial, medical, and sensitive information to store data with high security so everyone needs security for present environment.

Nowadays  getting these type of news online fraud, cyber attacks, spams, identity theft, and scams  so we need to provide more security. CyberSecurity is one of the best solution for these type of things.

IT markets needs to provide high security from end to end, moreover need Cyber Security professionals for market.

6. 5G Network:

Here 5G means 5th generation mobile network. It is wireless technology and fastest network in the world. High frequency band and establishing a global wireless technology. IT & ITES companies looking for 5G technology, bring new capabilities that will create new opportunities for people or professionals.

As per global market 5G is awesome technology for IT and getting more openings for freshers/experienced people.  It includes IoT technology as well.

7.Cloud Computing:

Basically, Cloud computing is on – demand availability of computer system resources, services like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and  data storage. In 2020 the most dangerous Corona virus effect into every human beings, especially in IT industry depends up on the Cloud. Most of the companies depends on AWS, MS AZURE, Google Cloud, and etc.

It includes servers, storage, network with high security for data.

Nowadays, Cloud computing is most emerging technology for IT market with high recruitment for freshers and experienced.


Everywhere, automation in any industry because with less time & cost more output for company/users. Basically (RPA )Robotic Processing Automation is a form of business process automation based on robtos or bots. Basically,  robot  or bot to emulate and integrated the actions of a human interacting with digital systems to execute a business process with less commodity for businesses.

Current industry based on simple architectures for projects and automation for testing as well for real-time projects with less expensive

9. Big Data Analytics:

Today’s world build on large & complex data in anywhere. We need to data processing & Analyzing large data sets along with data streaming.

Day by day data increases with large scale, so needs to store in Cloud along with data processing. Here we are using both Big Data along with Cloud.

For example twitter real-time data processing, we will use Big Data related tools. Most of the technologies like Spark, Cloud, and Kafka for large data steaming and processing.

10. DevOps:

Basically, DevOps means Development + Operations in Software and including continuous integration & continuous delivery. with high software quality.

Now, projects are working with Agile software development. It can be reduce time & cost.

In Agile projects based on DevOps tools for flexibility with automation as well.

In DevOps most of the tools used in IT market for automation and testing.

In this technology lot of openings for IT professionals along with huge packages in India and US market.