Basic Hadoop Admin Commands with Examples(Pictures)

Apache Hadoop is opensource framework for Storage & Processing purpose. For Storage purpose HDFS(Hadoop Distributed File System) and for Processing purpose(Map Reduce) using. Here is some Hadoop admin commands for beginners.

Hadoop Admin Commands:

hadoop namenode -format:

In this command explain about format HDFS file system from Nam node in a cluster.

hadoop dfsadmin -report :

In this command showing report on the overall HDFS file system. This command very useful for how much disk is available , Name node information, how many Data Nodes are running and corrupted blocks are in a cluster.

hadoop dfsadmin -refreshNodes:

This commands used commission or decommission nodes

Safe mode commands in Hadoop:

It is a state of Name node, does not allow changes to the file system and Read-only mode for the Hadoop cluster. Mostly three commands are related to safe mode.

hadoop dfadmin -safemode get:

safemode get means that get status of the safe mode(maintenance mode)

hadoop dfadmin -safemode enter:

In this command exactly meaning that Safe mode is ON.

hadoop dfsadmin -safemode leave:

Leave command means that Safe mode is OFF.

Start the all daemons like name node, secondary name node, yarn, data nodes, node manager etc.

Stop the all daemons like name node, data node, secondary name node, resource manager, node manager, yarn etc.

hadoop fs -copyFromLocal <file 1> <file 2> :

In hadoop environment we need to copy files from local file system to HDFS use this command

hadoop fs -copyToLocal< file 1> <file2> :

Copy files HDFS to local file system  in a hadoop cluster

hadoop fs -put <file 1> <file 2> :

This command same like as copyFromLocal but small difference is remote location to HDFS

hadoop fs -get <file 1 > <file 2> :

This command same like as copyToLocal but small difference is HDFS to remote location.

hadoop fs -setrep -w 5  file:

For set a replication factor manually using below command

hadoop distcp hdfs://<ip1>/input hdfs://<ip2>/output :

For copy file one cluster to another cluster using below command

hadoop job -status <job -id >:

To check hadoop jobs status we use this command.

hadoop job -submit <job – files > :

To submit hadoop job file using this command.

hadoop job -list all :

You want to hadoop jobs so will use this command simply.

hadoop job -kill-task < task – id>:

In hadoop jobs we need to urgently kill the task in processing time. At the time this command is more useful