How to Install JAVA Latest Version on Windows 10

Nowadays Java is the best programming language and here showing how to simple installations of Java latest version 11 on Windows 10 operating system for beginners. Simply download JDK11 from java official website then install it by below steps on Windows 10.

Step 1: Download JDK11 from the website after downloading .exe file then Run as administrator.

After running this JDK11 file is shown below  wizard

Step 2: Click on “Next” for a complete installation. Here one by one ask than simply click on Next button

Step 3: Successfully installed JDK11 file after that will configure

Step 4: First Go to Local disk -> Program files check whether JDK11 is there or not.

Step 5: After that go to JDK11 bin path copy that path for further configurations.

Step 6: Right Click on This PC (Computer) click on properties


Step 7: Choose Advanced system settings

Step 8: Click on Advanced tab then go with Environment Variables

Step 9: After that go to System variables select Path and then Edit

Step 10: Paste your JDK 11 bin path (directory) here

Step 11: Click on Move Up will reach out into first place for our convince. It is only for the Windows 10 operating system.

Step 12: To check the directory whether Top place or not


Step 13: Open command prompt check  whether Java 11 installed or not simply check with Java version using below command

java -version

Step 14: To check the Java compilation version using below command for Windows

        javac -version 



JAVA 11 Features:

1.Java 11 supports  Unicode Standard  9 version and 10 version combination

2. Single file source code programs

3.Introduce new module and packages Http Client* They are mainly:

A)Http client

B)Http Request

C)Http Response

D)Web Socket.

4. And some modules are removed Java EE and COBRA Modules.

Summary: Recently Java released the latest version and bit of change to install of Java packages on Windows operating system and here to explain about of Java features.