How to import OVA File into Virtual box(with pictures)

A virtual Box is a powerful tool from Oracle. It creates virtual machines on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. I have my own OVA file for another instance to create a new machine platform.

Simple steps to import OVA files into Virtual Box

Step 1: Open Virtual Box, on top of menu will showing some options like File, Machine, Help

Step 2:  Click on File option to show the all details below

Step 3: Choose option Import Appliance

Step 4:  Click on Folder icon for select your OVA file in the import box.

Step 6: Deploying your OVA file into Virtual path then click on Next button for further steps

Step 7: Select the import button in bottom. If you want to change details go to main Settings menu with in Virtual Box.

Step 8 : After importing your OVA files to import into Virtual Box it will take more time. For setting up all files into your VM

After successfully importing ova file then open and use it simply.