Hadoop Admin Day to Day using commands in Big Data | Hadoop | Cloud

In this article, we will provide daily (day to day) using Hadoop Administration commands. These are most useful commands as an Admin.

Hadoop Daily using commands

Command 1 : Switch to root user

sudo -i

sudo su -

Here once we logged in normal user then we need to switch to root user because as per admin level we need all permission access related

Command 2: Modify txt files / open log files

Here we need to see the log files or txt files.

vi name.log

Vi commands is daily to see the logs and insert some data to text files.

tail -100f name.log

To check error logs we can use this command

more name.log

To check any log/error logs and files as well

Command 3 : Find commands

To find the files in any directory or path

find / -name namenode.log

Command 4 : Process commands

ps -ef | grep Kafka

This command used for to check the Kafka process or any other services process id and running status of the services.

kill -9 1234

To kill the process id

Command 5 : History commands


To check previous putty/prompt commands, history of the commands in the ssh session

history | grep kafka

To check Kafka related previous commands

Command 6 : Disk space commands

df -hT

To check the all space related information

du -sh *

To check all each folder space information

Command 7 : Date commands


To check time stamp on node or hostname


Whether the host is up or not, we will use this command

Command 8 : Network commands

ping <hostname>

To check the whether the host is working or not

netstat -nlp

To check the network statistics

telnet <hostname> <port>

To check host and port is working or not

Command 9: List commands

ls -ltrh

To check all the information about the all files, date, size of the files


Juts it showing all files in the directory

Command 10 : System commands

uname -a

To check system information, whether linux or any other os and versions of OS


To check the CPU utilization and cores related information.