How To Enable Remote Desktop Connections on Windows

Remote Desktop Connections on Windows

In Windows machines, we need to access and transfer files from one machine to another machine simple without any software. Follow below steps for enabling remote in your windows.

Step :1 Open Computer—>Properties

After open properties on windows then go to remote settings

Step: 2 Click on Remote Settings

Step :3 Click on Allow connections only from a computer running Remote Desktop then Click on Select Users

Step: 4 This opens the Remote Desktop Users window. To add the users to whom you want to give permissions, click or tap Add.

Step: 5 In the Select Users window, type the user account name in the box in the next window and click or tap Check Names
Step: 6 Windows will make sure that a user account with that name exists and add the location in front of it

Step: 7 You are back to the Remote Desktop Users window. Then click on OK

Step: 8 Finally Search in Windows Remote Desktop Connections then easily connected


After completing the above steps, users will be able to connect to your Windows computer, provided that your computer is powered on and connected to a network.
Computers running Linux, Mac OS X or Windows can connect using the Remote Desktop protocol.

If you don’t have remote tools or software related then use Remote Desktop connection on Windows. It follows the Remote Desk protocol so it must need Network.

Internet or Intranet is mandatory for Remote Desktop connections for all users.

Remote Desktop is secured and files are safe to access to transfer for the machine is working or not.

In Windows one of the best feature in default for accessing other machines using Remote Desktop connection with LAN or the Internet.

Linux also need to install and use it very simple for accessing and transferring