How To Install Team View and Enable in Windows

Team Viewer on Windows

How to Remote accessing one system to another system by using Team Viewer. Here are simple steps to Install of Team Viewer

Step 1: Download Team Viewer and Install

First Download Team Viewer file from an official website otherwise clicks on the below link will directly go to the team viewer site.

Step 2: Install the file and Open the Team Viewer:

After downloading the team viewer file then install it. After installation then simply open team viewer.

Upon installing the application, a partner ID is generated. This is a nine-digit code that allows whoever has it to connect to that computer or device

To connect to a remote computer or device using the partner ID,  the first open the Team Viewer desktop application on the target computer or device and write down the ID and the password.

Step 3: Remote Control

Next, launch the Team Viewer Touch app and insert the partner ID in the dedicated field, on the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Then, press the Remote Control button

When the connection is established you are asked to type in the password in the dedicated field. Type it in and press OK.

The above steps are very simple to the installation and Remote access to another machine whether Windows or Ubuntu.